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Mother Emanuel

On June 21st, 2015, Emanuel AME church held its first Sunday service after the June 17th shootings in Charleston, SC, in which 9 members of the church were killed by a racist gunman. The service was audible outside the church via speakers, and was filled with emotions, clapping, singing, prayer, and a feeling of unity. I’m proud to call Charleston home.
















Fort2Battery Sailing Race in Charleston Harbor

The inaugural Fort2Battery sailing race took place this afternoon in the waters of Charleston, SC, with 53 participants sailing everything from kiteboards, catamarans, sailboards, and Moth hyperfoil sailboats. The event, organized by Tim Fitzgerald, started at Fort Sumter and ended at the tip of the Battery in Charleston harbor. The winner, Moth racing champion Bora Gulari, took home the $100 prize, but the race was really more about getting everyone out on the water and enjoying everything sailing has to offer in all its many forms. It was so much fun photographing this race—the vibe among the racers and spectators was awesome, despite the cool, rainy conditions. At least there was plenty of wind! Much thanks to Alan Block of Sailing Anarchy for hosting us on his boat this weekend to capture all the races on camera!

Enjoy these images below, and as usual, these and more from the day can be viewed larger here



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North American Moth Championships, Day 2

Day 2 of the North American Moth Championships took place near the Spit, towards Fort Sumter, and featured more extreme sailing as 10 races were completed, with plenty of wind to challenge the competitors. Enjoy the images below…these and more images from the day can be viewed larger here



These and more images from the day can be viewed larger at

North American Moth Championships, Day 1

There’s nothing like being on the water on a beautiful spring day in the lowcountry, and that’s just where we (unexpectedly) found ourselves this afternoon with front row seats to all the action of the 2014 North American Moth Championship sailing races being held in Charleston this weekend. For those of you not in-the-know, Moth sailing boats are one-person, 65-pound carbon fiber boats that virtually fly above the water on hydrofoils at speeds approaching 35 mph. (I really should credit that last sentence to my new-found friend Alan Block, of Sailing Anarchy, who graciously offered Mascha and me a closer look at the sailing action on the Boston Whaler boat he was in with his dog, Cricket, and who is responsible for writing the press release for the event from which I lifted the information about Moth boats.) To say these boats are exciting to watch is an understatement, as they literally come whizzing by, high out of the water with only the foils in the water, going warp-speed but quiet as a mouse, save for the wind whipping in their sails and the hydrofoils cutting through the waves. If you get a chance to venture close to the harbor this weekend I highly recommend checking these Moth races out. You won’t regret it!

These and more photos from today’s race are available to view larger here, where you can also purchase any you can’t live without.

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Kiteboarding on Sullivan’s Island

The wind was howling Sunday afternoon, so Mascha and I loaded up our cameras in the Jeep and went on a search for kite-boarders on Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island. After having no luck on IOP, nor Sullivan’s near the breach inlet, we drove to the end of Sullivan’s by Fort Moultrie and discovered a bunch of stoked wind-fanatics rushing out of their cars with their gear and launching from 12th street. If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of watching these guys (and gals, though I didn’t catch them this time) play in the wind and waves, there’s the inaugural Fort2Battery contest happening Sunday, April 6th, in which some of the fastest wind-powered craft in the world will race from Fort Sumter to the Battery. If you see me out there with my camera, please say hi!

These images below are some of my favorite from Sunday’s session. To see them larger, plus the rest of the images from the day, or, to buy any of the images, please click here. To learn more about the Fort2Battery race, please click here.








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